Organisation and role of the crews of a superyacht

Since their introduction to the market, superyachts have continued to attract the attention and interest of billionaires and celebrities around the world. Far from being a gratuitous luxury, these complex floating facilities are the product of talented professionals, whose role is to keep the vessel clean, running and safe. In this article, we take a closer look at the organisation and role of superyacht crews.

Who are the crew and what are their duties?

The crew of a superyacht is one of the most vital parts of the boat and their knowledge and skills are absolutely necessary for the smooth running and comfort of the passengers. A luxurious yet practical superyacht is usually managed by 20-30 crew members who perform various tasks throughout the season.

The captain is the leader on board and is responsible for controlling all aspects of navigation and ensuring that the boat is functional and, above all, steers properly. 
The captain and first officer are responsible for the navigation and must be familiar with the operation of the electronic equipment and radios on board.

Secondly, the crew members are divided into two categories. The care and superintendence, who look after the appearance and maintenance, and the technical services, who look after all the technical, mechanical and electrical systems of the ship.

Finally, there are staff members who provide high value-added services such as commercial crew, catering staff and entertainment staff.

The crew ensures the smooth running and safety of the superyacht. Each plays an important role in ensuring the comfort and enjoyment of each passenger’s journey.

The different types of crew: Captain, officers, staff and others

Firstly, the captain is responsible for the operations on board, acting as a leader and organiser. Secondly, the officers, who report directly to the captain, steer the ship and ensure that guests receive the best possible service. The staff members, on the other hand, take care of all the small tasks on board and make sure that everyone on board feels comfortable. Finally, the other crew members include a chef, technicians, crew members and tour guides.

The benefits of the ENG 1 medical certificate

Superyachts have established themselves in recent years as one of the most luxurious and exclusive means of transport. With characteristics that merit specific professional qualifications and a wide range of personalised services, the ENG1 medical certificate is the recognised standard in this demanding world.

The ENG1 is a medical health certificate, intended for the crew of superyachts travelling the world, and is required by international maritime authorities. It is a reliable and regulatory means of ensuring that the crew has an appropriate level of health and complies with strict medical standards and professional requirements.

The ENG1 medical certificate guarantees that the crew has the medical qualifications to participate safely in maritime missions.

The ENG1 certificate is a must for all those who wish to take advantage of the benefits offered by the superyacht industry.

Conclusion on understanding the organisation and role of superyacht crews

Although it may seem that superyacht crews are only there to ensure the well-being of the passengers, their job is not limited to that. They also have a major role to play in the maintenance and safety of the vessel. Superyacht owners must therefore ensure that all members of their crew are competent and well trained to ensure the smooth running of their vessel.